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Qual-Pex Plumbing & Heating Pipe

Qual-PEX Barrier Pipe is available in a variety of coils and straight lengths. It is manufactured in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm & 28mm.

Pipelife have been in the business of producing quality goods for the Plumbing, Construction and Agricultural sector for over 45 years, specialising in the extrusion of polyethylene pipe for these applications. Our product range has evolved over time and continues to change to provide our loyal customers with the most advanced products relative to their sector.


Qual-PEX cross-linked poly-ethylene barrier pipe from Pipelife is truly a first in this generation of thermoplastic pipes – being the first PEX pipe ever to have been approved to the BS 7291 kitemark and WRAS approvals. 


  • Pipelife Qual-PEX barrier pipe is produced in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm & 28mm sizes.
  • Qual-PEX - the flexible white coloured crosslinked polyethylene plumbing pipe.
  • Qual-PEX has been developed, tested and approved for hot and cold water services, and central and underfloor heating systems.
  • Qual-PEX is designed to suit our Twistloc Demountable Push-Fit Fittings and Brass Compression Fittings and Manifolds.
  • Qual-PEX includes an EVOH Barrier Layer. Barrier complies with DIN 4726.
  • Qual-PEX is rigid enough to minimise sag with pipe runs looking neat, tidy and professional.
  • Qual-PEX is flexible enough to be cabled through awkwardly placed holes under flooring and threaded behind partition walls and through ducts.
  • Qual-PEX enables the installer to undertake faster, easier and more cost-effective installation. Independent tests show installation time savings of up to 40% compared with traditional plumbing materials.
  • Qual-PEX barrier pipe incorporates an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier layer sandwiched within the wall of the pipe, which protects the layer from physical and UV damage. The EVOH layer renders the pipe virtually impervious to gases.
  • Qual-PEX barrier pipe improves the performance of sealed central heating systems by reducing the risk of pressure drops caused by a vaporisation of water and corrosion which can occur in a boiler's heat exchanger.
  • Qual-PEX can be purchased pre-insulated (Qual-PEX Eco) and in corrugated ducting (Pipe-in-pipe).
  • Manufactured, tested & certified according to BS7291 class S and DIN 16892.
  • The pipe meets the requirements for Class ‘S’ service conditions as specified in Table 1 of EN12318 for a service life of 50 years. 
  • Maximum service conditions of 92°C at 3 bars. Short term overload of up to 114°. Nominal wall thickness is; 10mmØ - 1.5mm/1.8mm, 12mmØ - 1.5mm/1.8mm, 15mmØ - 1.5mm/1.8mm, 22mmØ - 2.0mm/2.3mm, 28mmØ - 2.6mm/2.9mm.

Qual-Pex Pipe in Pipe

• Qual-PEX 15mm & 22mm Ø pipe as per above specification but supplied ready-installed into a corrugated outer.

• Ideal for installation in screeds and walls where there is a standard requirement to be able to withdraw the PEX inner.

• Corrugated pipe diameter is 25mm on all sizes.

• Simply uncoil, cut and install- No messy installation of the pipe in the conduit

• Saves you time, money and an environment where the chance of leaks are all but eliminated

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