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It might not be possible to control weather conditions, however we can take control of the temperature indoors, and the effects from cold weather outdoors. With our complete range of heating and cooling systems, you benefit from flexible, quick and quality installations that ensure the interior conditions of homes, offices and large-scale facilities feel comfortable at all times, while outdoor surfaces remain snow and ice free.

Facilitate flawless execution for longevity and peace of mind

Rely on equal high quality throughout your project with one-stop-shop solutions for all in- and outdoor appliances

Increase buildings' economical and ecological attributes thanks to compatibility with sustainable heat sources

Experts on hand every step of the way for local service and advice

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Underfloor Heating


Whether you are planning a new construction or giving an old building an energy upgrade, our extensive range of surface heating and cooling solutions guarantee reliability and efficiency, even for the most challenging installations.


energy-efficiency for every type of building

All our systems are compatible with renewable energy sources, and a broad range of structures and surface coverings for industrial facilities, housing and sports halls, providing ideal solutions for small to large-scale building projects.

Underfloor Heating - How it works

The floor surface temperature required is very close to the actual room temperature and always below 29ºC in occupied areas to achieve an acceptable degree of comfort. It is essential however, that floor coverings do not provide too great a degree of insulation. Otherwise the heat in the Heating system may not be able to raise the room temperature to its design level.

The basic operation of a water-based underfloor heating system is pipe embedded within a concrete screed, with warm water circulating through the pipe work allowing for the gradual heating of the screed and eventual emitting of heat from the floor into the room. The heat is concentrated where it is most needed for human comfort and energy efficiency.

It is quite common to have a mixed system in one building where underfloor heating is used throughout the ground floor and radiators are used in the upper floors / bedroom areas, where only sporadic heat is required. Both systems can be operated off one boiler, but will need different time controls due to the different response times. The only exception to this is where Underfloor Heating is required for a single room. In this case Pipelife have a special pump / control unit available which allows a single underfloor heating circuit to be connected to a radiator heating system.

Underfloor Heating V Traditional Heating
Install Underfloor

Pipelife Videos: A film is worth 1000 images

Watch our installation videos which we provide for many products and various jointing methods. Check out our Youtube channel.

The ideal stage to consider your home heating requirements is during the design process and is one of the most critical items that you will put into your house. Most of the system will be buried in your floor foundations for the lifetime of your property. It is critical that the components used are top quality and fully guaranteed by reputable manufacturers as any failures associated with sub-standard components or faulty design will lead to long term problems and costs. 

Pipelife is 100% committed to the correct design, sizing and installation of your home heating solution.  Our reputation is built on 50 years of manufacturing history in Ireland and this reputation matters immensely to us.  As heating solutions have become more complex we have continually invested in new expertise and technology to ensure we stay to the forefront of this evolution.

Every Pipelife home heating solution is fully designed in-house by our experienced design engineering department and is supported by our extensive field service support/engineering team.  All our solutions come complete with detailed design drawings, top quality components and an unrivalled expertise built up over many decades.

We provide full design indemnity insurance on all our heating solution systems so you can rest assured our system will deliver on what we promise, providing you with a home heating solution you can rely on for decades to come, safe in the knowledge we will always be there to support you if the need ever arises.

Pipelife Design Team iv

Pipelife Videos: A film is worth 1000 images

Watch our installation videos which we provide for many products and various jointing methods. Check out our Youtube channel.


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