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Pipelife UK, located in Corby, Northamptonshire specialises in providing plastic pipe systems to the UK residential and commercial building sectors. Drawing on 50 years of plastic pipe manufacturing experience, Pipelife UK is an industry leader in the production and development of high quality PEX, Polybutylene, PE-RT and HDPE plumbing systems.

Pipelife UK products are used extensively in general plumbing, under-floor heating and renewable energy systems. All of our pipe is manufactured under the ISO9001;2015 Quality Management System. Our quality assurance team stringently test them at every stage of production and as the Pipe manufacturer, Pipelife guarantees the pipe for 50 years which is vital when the pipe is being buried within the floor structure for the lifetime of the building. 

Pipelife’s Qual-PEX plumbing pipe was the first PEX pipe in the World to be awarded the BS7291 Class S Kitemark in 1989. Since then over 50,000 miles of Pipelife manufactured PEX pipe has been installed in the UK.

Pipelife is also a leading supplier of plastic pipe and fittings for applications such as above and below ground, water, gas and oil systems.

Quality and innovation continue to be the terms that define Pipelife’s philosophy and is reflected in the products and systems offered. 



Pipelife Ireland factory
Pipelife Ireland factory
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