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Meet the Pipelife Family

Meet The Pipelife Family

Pipelife Videos: A film is worth 1000 images

Watch our installation videos which we provide for many products and various jointing methods. Check out our Youtube channel.

What is Underfloor Heating


Do You Know How Plastic Pipe is Made?

Do you know how Plastic Pipe is made?

The Surprising Truth About Plastic Pipe

Working with Pipelife Easy-Lay PB Barrier Pipe

Working with Pipelife Easy-Lay PB Barrier Pipe
Pipelife - Perfect Pipe Every Time
Where can I buy Easy-Lay PB Barrier Pipe
More Plumbers are switching to our Easy-Lay pipe
Is Easy-Lay similar to other pipe brands in the market place
The Pipelife Lab - Home of rigorous testing
Can Easy-Lay PB Barrier Pipe be used for Underfloor Heating
Can Easy-Lay Pipe be used with other manufacturer's fittings
How Flexible is our Easy-Lay Pipe
Choosing Pipelife seems like a no-brainer
Why is our Easy-Lay PB Barrier Pipe cheaper compared to other brands
Blue or White - What is the Diiference


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