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Partnerships are part of our life. Let's join forces for best results.


Each of us is different in having our own set of strengths. By uniting our know-hows, skills, experiences and creativity, we are able to achieve so much more together, than we ever could alone.

Working towards common goals we share one purpose: We want a healthier environment, to improve our living comfort, and to safeguard our wellbeing for now and for future generations. Let’s therefore partner up and evolve together, turning purpose into performance and goals into achievements. 


By working as a team we can achieve more and build trust.

 Ger Healy, General Manager Pipelife Ireland & UK

Through teamwork and collaboration with our peers, clients and partners, we are able to combine unique skills, experiences and creativity, to shape innovative ideas that actively contribute to a safer and healthier environment. 

General Manager

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We partner with technology and research institutes, contractors, planners, universities and municipalities to find new solutions to today's challenges. Only by sharing and combining our know-how with others, can we shape a more inclusive and sustainable future.

A Greek pipedream come true: Pipelife connects Aegina Island to mainland water supply

Up to -94 meters below sea level, a 14.8-km-long underwater PE 100 Potable Water Pipe will finally connect Aegina Island to EYDAP public water supply network via Salamina.

Aegina potable water supply solution

Sewer system for village in the Netherlands

A completely new village is currently being built between the cities of Vianen and Hagestein in the Netherlands, named Hoef and Haag. Pipelife is partnering with the project's wholesalers, contractors and suppliers to provide the materials for the whole sewer system.


Saving endangered fish in Finland

As part of the country wide K-Fishways initiative to conserve endangered migrating fish, Pipelife provided an innovation solution to enable migratory fish to swim upstream to their spawning grounds through a road culvert. 

Brown Trout

Smart Probing Solution for Potable Water Sector

Pipelife Netherlands and partner MMID are together testing a new invention for the potable water sector: a modular Smart Probing Solution. It offers the possibility to measure and generate real-time data from inside the potable water network, without environmental restrictions at any point and with easy access to the pipelines from ground level.

High pressure hydrogen transport

Together with Groningen Seaports, SoluForce by Pipelife has developed a Flexible Composite Pipe system for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first. This significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of (green) hydrogen, and is a new step towards a sustainable energy mix.

Groningen Seaports SoluForce usage only

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