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Qual-Pex Barrier Pipe

Qual-PEX Barrier Pipe is available in a variety of coils and straight lengths. Available in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm & 28mm. This extensive range of pipe offers installers the solutions they need. With full BS7291-Class S and WRAS approvals, specifiers & installers can have full confidence in the quality and reliability of this range. Plus comes with an Unbeatable 50 Year Guarantee. 



  • First PEX Pipe - ever to have been approved to the BS 7291 Kitemark and WRAS approvals. Since then over 800,000,000 metres of Qual-PEX, 20 times the circumference of the earth, has been supplied to over 30 countries worldwide.
  • Tough, Dependable, Flexible – Our Qual-Pex Pipe is amazingly reliable & incredibly efficient.
  • Compatible – Qual-Pex Pipe is compatible with other BS7291 specified systems.
  • EVOH Barrier Layer - incorporates an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier layer sandwiched within the wall of the pipe, which protects the layer from physical and UV damage. The EVOH layer renders the pipe virtually impervious to gases. Barrier complies with DIN 4726.
  • Rigid - enough to minimise sag with pipe runs looking neat, tidy and professional.
  • Flexible - to be cabled through awkwardly placed holes under flooring and threaded behind partition walls and through ducts.
  • Qual-PEX enables - the installer to undertake faster, easier and more cost-effective installation.
  • Highest Quality Standard – Our Qual-Pex Pipe is manufactured according to the most stringent standards and is tested & certified - accordin to BS7291 class S and DIN 16892.
  • Market Leading Guarantee - 50 Year Guarantee. Specifiers & installers can have full confidence in the quality and reliability of this range.
  • Savings & Quality – is what Qual-Pex is all about

Qual-Pex Barrier Pipe In Pipe

  • Qual-PEX 15mm & 22mm pipe as per above specification but supplied ready-installed into a corrugated outer.
  • Ideal for installation in screeds and walls where there is a standard requirement to be able to withdraw the PEX after installation.
  • Corrugated pipe diameter is 25mm on all sizes.
  • Simply uncoil, cut and install - No messy installation of the pipe in the conduit
  • Saves you time, money and an environment where the chance of leaks are all but eliminated
Qual-Pex Pipe in Pipe

50 Year Guarantee

You choose a quality product manufactured by a trusted leader of Plumbing & Heating Pipe with almost 50 years’ experience. Your next phase of plumbing success starts here!

With our market leading 50 Year Guarantee offering you more certainty to install with confidence.

50 Year Guarantee

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