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Universal Access Junction

1 Access Junction = 16+ Connection Possibilities

Our new universal Access Junction offers customers varied connection options to cover all their needs.


Features -

  • A Multi-Purpose Access Junction base with options to suit every requirement
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Robust but light base for ease of use
  • Single level flow system designed to minimise the risk of drainage blockage
  • Blanking Plugs supplied for different option system flow profiles
  • Access Junctions are a proven product allowing access for inspection or rodding in sewer pipe runs
  • For 110mm (4") pipe
  • Material: Brown PVC-u
  • Weight: 4kg approx
  • AJ Cover and Frame also available (sold separately)
  • All parts manufactured and tested to EN-13598* requirements

What does the Pipelife Access Junction stand for?

  • Fixed Sealing ring - No possibility to displace the sealing ring
  • High chemical resistance Both for aggressive sewage and foul and storm water
  • Heat Resistant to temperatures up to 45°C for constant flow.
  • Easy to Ship
  • Pipe Life fittings are very light and yet have high stiffness making them easy to transport and place, which speeds up assembling.
  • Super Size Sealing ring Versus the competition

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