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Extrusion Process

The extruder is the machine used for the extrusion of plastic pipes. In the extruder there is one or more screws that continually feed forward and, during heating, work the plastic granules or powder into a formable compound. The hot plastic compound is pressed through a pipe head in which the pin (inner part) and the die (outer part) shape the pipe. From the pipe head the pipe passes through a calibrator that gives the pipe its final outside diameter. Then the pipe is pulled by the haul off through the cooling tanks.

Extrusion is an endless process so the cutter cuts the pipe into practically manageable lengths.

When extruding corrugated or flanged pipes, chains with different profiles are positioned in front of the die head. These chains consist of a large number of "casting moulds" that shape the walls of the pipe to the desired cross-section before the pastic compound hardens.

The cut pipes are most of the time treated further to provide them with e.g. sockets, flanges, etc.

Typical Extrusion Line
Typical Extrusion Line