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Pipelife is one of Europe’s leading producers of plastic pipe systems. Pipelife has grown to become a key supplier of innovative products in the plumbing, water distribution, gas distribution and renewable energy industrial sectors.

Employing almost 3,000 people in 29 manufacturing facilities in 28 countries. Pipelife has grown to become a key supplier of innovative products in the plumbing, water, gas energy & power distribution, telecommunications, and industrial applications sectors.

Pipelife UK, located in Corby, Northamptonshire specialises in providing plastic pipe plumbing systems to UK residential and commercial building sectors. Drawing on over 40 years of manufacturing experience Pipelife UK has been an industry leader in the development of top quality PEX and Polybutylene plumbing and underfloor heating systems.

Pipelife’s “Qual-PEX” plumbing pipe (manufactured by extrusion) was the first PEX pipe in the world to be awarded the BS 7291 Class S Kitmark in 1989, and since then well over 15,000 miles of Pipelife manufactured PEX pipe has been installed in the UK.

Pipelife UK offers a comprehensive range of BS certified Qual-PEX and Easy-Lay (Polybutylene) plumbing systems in the colours and sizes required for the UK market, offering the installer a diverse range of solutions to any domestic or industrial plumbing of heating application.

Pipelife UK has been to the forefront in providing an industry leading service in the design and provision of underfloor heating systems. A full design service coupled with the security of our design indemnity insurance, top quality materials, and comprehensive pre and after sales technical support assure our customers of an unparalleled service.

Pipelife UK is also a leading supplier of plastic pipe and fittings products for applications such as above & below ground, water mains, gas and oil pipe systems.


Quality and innovation continue to be the terms that define Pipelife’s philosophy and is
reflected in the products and systems we offer. We trust that you will find our products right for you.

Inside Pipelife Ireland factory in Cork