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Twistloc System Advantages & Benefits

  • Twistloc products are a one step, fully demountable and reusable push-fit plumbing system which combines both push-fit and twist locking technology to offer a guaranteed secure, peace of mind leak free joint.
  • Twistloc which incorporates pressure and combination system, is the Twist and Lock system suitable for plumbing, local/home hot water supply and central heating systems.
  • Twistloc products can work with different piping materials and are certified for use with Copper, cPVC, PE-RT, PB and PEX pipe, making it easy to combine different types of pipe for repairs or new installations.
  • Twistloc products have been tested and approved in accordance with ASSE 1061, IGC 157,IGC 188, ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125.1, cUPC, NSF/ANSI 14, NSF/ANSI 42,NSF/ ANSI 61 NSF/ANSI 372,WRAS and WQA
  • Twistloc products provide for the perfect plastic plumbing system and are manufactured to ISO 9001 TUV standard.
  • The specification of products complied with the requirement of central local/home heating and water supply systems. Various test have proved that Twistloc products are resistant to temperature and pressure beyond the normal operation ranges.
  • Twistloc products must be installed to the correct plumbing regulations.
  • The visible Connection means that once the highly visible green band can no longer be seen, you’ll have absolute certainty that the joint is properly connected. That gives you complete reassurance and peace of mind; no mistake, no leaks and no hassle.
  • You won’t find this anywhere else. The Visible Connection is unique to the Twistloc range and patented by us. Not only it dose make installation easier and safer, but it’s also totally straightforward and simple to understand.

Making a Perfect Connection

Cut -

Use only purpose designed pipe cutters and cut the pipe squarely. Ensure the pipe and fitting are both free from burrs and scratches and they are kept free from dirt
or debris. A pipe insert must be used to act as an internal support.

Lock - 

Ensure the pipe is pushed into the fitting fully past both the collet (gripper) and the ‘O’ ring, and is engaged properly. Twist the screw cap until the green coloured ring is no longer visible; this confirms a proper, secure fit and locks the pipe into position. It also increases pressure on
the ‘O’ ring seal around the pipe for greater security.

Check - 

Pull to check connection is secure. We recommend pressure testing the system before use. A pipe insert should be used to act as an internal support. Ensure there are no scratches, gouges or any other form of damage to the circumference of the pipe.


Separate - 

Before attempting to disconnect any fitting, make sure that the system is de-pressurised. Unlock the fitting by twisting until the green ring is fully visible. Press collets squarely against the face of the fitting. With collets depressed, pull on the pipe to remove it from the fitting.

Twistloc Repair Slip Connector

When you need to repair a burst pipe quickly, the Twistloc Repair Slip Connector offers you more flexibility than traditional methods of pipe repair.




  • Save time and money - Push-fit Connection
  • All white plastic system - Easy To Repair
  • Strong Gripping Strength - Suitable and safe for heating and plumbing systems
  • Permanent anti-leak connection - Perfect connection with Push and twist and lock system
  • Visible Connection Easy recognition of size by color - Easy verification of coupling (lock/unlock) status at a long distance
  • Flexibility enables cabling works on the pipe through hard access area - Light weight for easy handling at sites.
  • No Tools Required